The long and rich history of kok娱乐 has produced a variety of traditions that infuse campus life and events throughout the year.

无论是历史悠久的传统,如阶级色彩和岩石, 或者像LUaroo这样的新事件, you'll find Lawrence traditions connect you with your classmates and alumni community long after you've graduated.



拉格是劳伦斯的 舒适和满足的感觉. 它与享受生活中简单的事物有关, 比如花时间和朋友在一起, 在舒适的环境中放松, 享受美食和美酒这样的小快乐. 冬季嘉年华活动是雪橇精髓的代表, 但LUgge并不仅限于冬季学期. 



社区是劳伦斯经历的核心特征. 善良是社区的关键组成部分, particularly a community like Lawrence's that values acceptance and belonging. 17天的善良 is an opportunity to engage in cultivating acts of kindness.



Organized by our student events organization (SOUP) during Spring Term when the weather starts to warm, Lawrentians from all over campus congregate on Ormsby Green to play games, 听音乐, 在阳光下享受一个愉快的下午. The best part about Zoo Days is that all the money raised by student 俱乐部 and 组织 goes toward nonprofit causes.

普兰茨地下室乐队在LUaroo 2023演出


劳伦斯人很期待阵亡将士纪念日的周末. 为什么? 因为LUaroo, 万众瞩目, weekend-long mini-music festival on Main Hall Green featuring talented Midwest bands and LU Student bands, 是kok娱乐年度活动的重头戏.



The 劳伦斯拱 was revealed in the Fall of 2022 and features a design inspired by Lawrence's Nordic traditions. 拱门引发了两个新的传统, a procession of the incoming class of students from the arch to Main Hall for the President's Welcome address, 还有毕业后从正厅到拱门的游行队伍.



This two-ton granite boulder next to Main Hall is now back in its original spot after being gone for two decades. It was brought to campus by the Class of 1895 and has been painted numerous times for different reasons. 岩石也一直是恶作剧和兄弟会争斗的对象. 到正厅去看看.



维京人房间, 或虚拟现实, was founded in 1969 as a bar and is a popular hang-out spot for students 21 and over. 位于纪念堂地下室,由学生管理. The VR was previously a lounge and has a rich history evident in the scratched signatures and carvings on the surfaces of the booths and wooden tables.  

Student falling in front of a goalie as they score a goal at the Winter Carnival Broomball Event


更像是冬天的奥姆斯比溜冰场. This classic nod to winter is a hot spot for fun on Ormsby Green during January and February. 从滑冰和扫帚球到和朋友嬉戏, students come to the “lake” to get a break from studying during the dark days of Winter Term. 



Bjorklunden, 位于门县, is a 441-acre estate with a Swedish-inspired lodge by the Lake Michigan shoreline. Lawrentians enjoy going there for a weekend to relax and learn amidst a rigorous term of studying. 校友和学生参加课程, 俱乐部, 组织, 和学生宿舍.



这是密尔沃基-唐纳学院的传统, 劳伦斯于1988年(合并24年后)采用了这一标准, 班级颜色是为了鼓励团结而建立的传统. The newly graduated class's color is passed on to the incoming first-year class each year, 迎新周期间,班级合影中举着校旗.




自1962年~, Lawrentians have used "IHRTLUHC" on their papers to signify their commitment to the kok娱乐 荣誉准则, which states that no student will unfairly advance their academic performance or hinder the academic pursuits of others. 新生必须签署《kok娱乐》, which promotes academic and social responsibility within the Lawrence Community.

Stephen Sieck plays the piano as he leads the Welcome Week Choir in a performance during the convocation.


作为一个终身学习者的社区, it’s important for Lawrentians to take time each term to gather and consider new ideas. The 教师 会的 and Commencement Committee invites individuals of high accomplishment and profound insight to address members of the college and Fox Valley communities on topics of broad interest. Three convocations are scheduled throughout the school year on Fridays at 12:30 p.m.,一个永久保留的时间.



自1876年以来,劳伦斯学院每年都会举办团聚活动. 今天, / (1,000人, 包括劳伦斯和密尔沃基-唐纳的校友, return to campus each summer to reminisce about their college experiences and celebrate each other’s distinguished achievements.

LU传统特色 & 突出了