kok娱乐 the series: On Main Hall Green With … is an opportunity to connect with 教师 on things in and out of the classroom. We’re featuring a different Lawrence 教师 member each time — same questions, different answers.


格雷厄姆·萨扎马,被亲切地称为博士. Saz, brings enthusiasm and curiosity to his teaching and research in chemistry.

kok娱乐的化学副教授, Sazama leads research that bridges the fields of organic materials and inorganic chemistry. He and his students pursue the synthesis and study of luminescent organic radicals and investigate the properties of three-dimensional materials known as metal-organic frameworks. 

担任学术顾问委员会主席, he continues to do important work with colleagues in setting processes and expectations for academic advising on campus.

深入的课程加深了你的化学知识. As you grow in the major, you'll gain experience with computational and experimental work.

Sazama joined the chemistry 教师 at Lawrence in 2016 following a postdoctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 威斯康辛州本地人, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of 威斯康辛州-Madison and a Ph.D. 从哈佛大学化学专业毕业.

We caught up with Sazama to talk about interests in and out of the classroom.


内部信息: What’s one thing you want every student coming into your classes to know about you?

I absolutely love science, and I believe every one of my students can enjoy it, too. I try to bring my enthusiasm for chemistry into the classroom and hope I can lead my students to see how fascinating the world can be when viewed through a scientific lens. I also think a great way to convey this enthusiasm is by lighting things on fire. 

激励: What work have you done, or will you be doing, at Lawrence that gets you the most excited?

我在创建一个名为 能源、技术和环境. It’s a non-majors lab science class that tackles big questions of chemistry, 物理, 在当前环境挑战的背景下进行工程设计. I get to engage students in discussions about individual technologies I’m passionate about and have done research on, 比如太阳能和氢经济, 同时也谈到了这一切背后更大的背景. I always get a little philosophical when talking about the laws of thermodynamics, and I feel like that’s especially relevant in an interdisciplinary class like this one. We’re even getting out into the community and talking to several cleantech and green energy companies in the 阿普尔顿 area, which I hope helps my students make further connections between their learning in class and the real world. 

去的地方: Is there an example of somewhere your career has taken you (either a physical space or something more intellectual, 情感, 或者精神上的)让你大吃一惊? 

2018年,在LU这里,我们有一个诗人罗斯·盖伊的社区阅读 《kok娱乐》目录 在他来学校参观之前. I was asked to lead a once-weekly discussion section that students could take for a single credit. 最后,我和来自整个大学的人在一个教室上课, 包括我的一些化学学生, 环保人士, 甚至还有法语系的艾琳·霍特-马奇教授. I felt like our small group really bonded over the poetry we were reading together, 最后以一个有趣的, 情感, 以及罗斯本人的心酸朗读. This experience made me a total poetry convert; I have even since tried writing some of my own poetry.  


这个或那个: 如果你不以教书为生,你会做什么?  

我喜欢用我的双手工作,发现建造东西是非常有益的. I always told myself that my backup plan if the chemistry thing didn’t work out was to follow in my grandpa’s footsteps and be an electrician. I get to scratch that itch more often than I would’ve expected in my role as a professor here, 修理仪器,装配新的实验装置. 

就在家里: Whether for work, relaxation, or reflection, what’s your favorite spot on campus?

It’s not relaxation exactly, but Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon at the 健康 Center. I’ve been playing the noon hour basketball game since I started working here, 只要我的时间表允许,我就经常去. It’s a fantastic workout and especially nice on days when I need to get out of my own head. 也许最好的部分是, 虽然, 那我们有一个伟大的吗, 友好的, 来自世界各地的支持社区, 包括学生, 教师, 工作人员和社区成员. 我每次都很期待.

一本书,一段录音,一部电影; 说出每一种能与你灵魂对话的东西? 或者你会推荐给朋友? 或两个?

黑暗的左手, by Ursula LeGuin: I have a very hard time choosing between recommending Ursula LeGuin, 奥克塔维亚巴特勒, 或者N.K. Jemisin, as I absolutely love all three authors, but LeGuin is such a trailblazer. 黑暗的左手 is an exciting and 虽然t-provoking adventure; in particular, LeGuin knows how to end her stories with the proper amount of closure and open-ended possibility. 

液体解剖, by Alkaloid: It’s a poorly kept secret that I love extreme metal music; Alkaloid has a really fun blend of groove and technical ability put together with killer songwriting. The last song on this album will have you roaring “CEPHALOPODS” right along with the singer. 

Mr. 机器人我可以用电视代替电影吗? 如果是这样,我想很多人都没有听说过 Mr. 机器人, or if they have heard the title, they think it’s weird sci-fi about robots. 实际上,这部kok娱乐黑客的剧里没有机器人, 但它触及了我觉得非常吸引人的主题,比如家庭, 晚期资本主义, 心理健康.  

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